Thursday, October 24, 2013

Best Everyday Salad Dressing

This is by far the BEST Everyday Salad Dressing to keep on hand in your kitchen! Also, great on salads and wraps! The Nourishing Gourmet

I make this once a week and keep it in the fridge. I find that different families like different ratios of oil to vinegar. The classic ratio to two thirds oil to one third vinegar. Start there and tinker to taste. You can also use other vinegars and follow the same recipe.

Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing
1 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup of Apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of onion powder
2 tablespoon of whole grain mustard or Dijon type mustard
2-3 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon of dried  basil
1 teaspoon salt

I don’t sweeten this at all, but for those not used to the bite of a vinegar dressing, you might need to. To sweeten, add:
A pinch of Stevia, or 2-4 teaspoons of sugar or natural sweetener
Combine all ingredients and mix well before using.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birth Story... 5 months later , 6 and now 7 months later.....

 6 Months
 6 months

40 Weeks, I went to 42 weeks and you stop taking pictures after your due date.

So.. Started writing this at 5, 6 and now Eden is almost 7 months old...

After some encouragement from several friends to write my birth story.... here it goes. More than those who read it, I am sure at some point this will be a gift to look back on...... there are already I am sure some details that I have slipped my mind.

I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy with occasional hearth-burn and random not-so-good-pregnancy days here and there. Jonathan and I had a full summer ministering to our support team and reaching 100% of our budget and we were able to see lots of family and friends....I managed to pack my butt in my Subarau at 36 weeks and drive back to Texas from Colorado- there was LOTS of peeing on the side of the road. After a packed summer and Texas heat by the time 39 weeks came, like most pregnant women, I was ready to meet my girl. I was still working at UTSA as an Events Manager, getting ready for Fall Semester. I worked a event on my due date, secretly hoping my water would break in front of my co-worker and I would be whisked away to the hospital.. ha ha, stupid Hollywood. Jonathan picked me up from my last day of work ( my due date) and we when and ate the HOTTEST Thai food.. hoping those spices would do something... on our way there, we get pulled over... that was a wonderful $200 plate of Thai Food :) We even tried pulling the "This is my wife's due-date-get-me-outta-this-ticket CARD" ... Yeah Right... Texas Cops don't care, that's why the highways are so nice here!!! Expensive Tickets! 

I spent this next week cleaning, getting ready for Eden, having sleepless nights and an occasional cry probably every day. I had my 41 week appointment, my Midwife checked to see if there had been any action....and.... "No Dialtion, No Effacement".... My Midwife, scheduled an induction for the following Thursday, giving me another 6 days to go into labor, which would put me at 42 weeks. She encouraged me saying that a lot can happen over the weekend. When I left her office I was actually ok, feeling encouraged that a lot could happen over the weekend. My parents and sister were in town, so we stayed out and about, keeping my mind off going into labor. My mom made yummy meals... and we got pedicures, I told the lady rubbing my feet that I was trying to get labor started.. she didn't beleive me and was not impresed with my fickleness to decide on a nail polish color. I think I woke up the next few days over the weekend after sleepless nights and cried... thinking that labor was a JOKE... and that it would never happen! I did have some mild contractions here and there over the weekend.

I went in that Monday for a stress-test and ultrasound to check fluid levels. The baby looked good. Going to the appointment I was really hoping for some dilation so she could strip my membranes (agitation between the cervix and water sac). I was hoping for SOMETHING... praying, I knew that if she could do this it could help get labor going. I was DIALTED to 1CM! I was having light contractions as she was agitating my cervix.... let's just say.... I was in labor that night.. 4 hours later. My contractions started around dinner time, they were light, but consistent and had a rhythm.. I started timing them and they started off about 5 minutes apart. Jonathan and I decided to sneak some time in together. We went and got ice cream at La Canterra and walked around. I was definitely in labor! Jonathan was looking for shoes in the Vans store and I was starting to breathe through contractions... those folks still remember us :) Once we got home.. I tried to lay down, but it was too uncomfortable to lay on my side or back... I decided to take a walk while Jonathan got a little rest for what could be a long few days ahead. My sister stayed up with me ALL NIGHT LONG... My contractions stayed between 3-4 min apart the entire night, so I walked and labored and walked and walked and walked. Around 7am in the morning after not sleeping and walking all night, I was breathing through all my contractions, I called my friend Jess, who was our labor doula and is also a Midwife. My labor stared to let up a little and contractions were moving further apart. Jess came over and was able to see where I was, which was 3 CM.

I continued to labor at home all morning and afternoon, with some good, consistent, painful contractions. I was laboring on my labor ball and on my knees most of the time, as Jess watched my labor it became apparent that I was having back labor with a posterior baby. This went on all day long... Around 5pm, going on close to 26 hours of labor- We headed to the hospital so that I was not in crazy active labor in the car- as we drove to the hospital my contractions picked up and it was pretty rough car ride. I checked into the hospital, so a friend's husband in the lobby as I waited for Jonathan to park the card. We checked into L & D.. I was having crazy back labor at this point and was on my hands and knees at the L&D Registration Desk... all I have to say, is if you want to get things moving.. just drop to your knees, I was in a room in no time! By this point my labor was continuing to get pretty rough.... My midwife came into check me and I was still a 3. She was wanting me to be further along before coming to the hospital, she said she would give me a few hours to see if I progressed. She came back several hours later with no progression and gave us the option to 1. Take some light pain meds to rest and help with dilation or 2. Go home and continue to labor. She asked what I wanted to do -I was beyond exhausted... I just left the decision up to Jonathan. He decided we should go home and get some rest. So we headed home. Once we got back from hospital trip.. things go FIERCE... Let's just say... that my contractions were close to a minute and half long... 15-30 seconds apart. One ON top of the OTHER... and lasted for 6 hours. This is what you call a posterior labor! Read more here, this is a great description of my labor:

At some point I moved into the bath tub and Jonathan was by my side. I looked at him for the first time in my labor and said... " I don't know how much longer I can do this". Jess, was in agreement that I was obviously exhausted and some intervention was needed. So we headed back to St. Luke's. That car-ride was pretty epic.

When we checked in.. the same nurse (I can still see her face).. Said, " honey, we were just talkin' about you.. wondering when we were going to see you back here. "Are you ready for some drugs?" She told me that the baby was in a 'military' position, causing uneven dilation and a insane amount of pressure, making extremely long, painful labors. Apparently!  So I was a 3 on one side and a 4 on the other. ( if you want more info, message me). I was still breathing and hunkering down through all of this and could not wait for some relief. She said it would be a hour...  Before I knew it... the Anesthesiologist and her ENTIRE crew showed up on the scene.  The goal for this type of labor, is some pain relief, to get the baby in position to rotate. The had the Epi in by 9 am.... For the most part it brought some relief, but it was patchy. So I could rest and then would be in some pain... also, common with posterior baby's, due to the amount of pressure on the spine. At this point, Jonathan was sound asleep on the couch, I was in and out of closing my eyes... and for some reason, both of my mid-wives loved Jonathan and got the biggest kick out of him taking a nap.. poor dude was also going on 40 something hours without sleep. Jess was the best and was keeping her eye on Eden's heart rate, which was taking some concerning dips. We prayed and prayed, asking the Lord to bring supernatural progression over my body, soon after Jess and another great L&D Nurse, propped up my bed to try to get Eden in position, soon after, I felt some crazy pressure and called to see if my Midwife could come and check me. 10 CM! What?!? Close to 3 hours after the Epidural, I was ready to push. I called my mom and sister, who were at Costco and were SHOCKED that I was already ready to push! After such a long labor, I don't think anyone was expecting things to move so fast after the good ole drugs kicked in. My midwife gave me a practice push and Said... "Woah", if you want your Mom and Sister to be here you better wait... Jonathan was getting ready, got is gloves on and was ready to assist the midwives or they would assist him! Everything was pretty surreal and because we were so sleep deprived, it's hard to even remember it all. I was ready, Jonathan was ready and we could see Eden's head, 2 pushes and my precious Eden Everleigh Bryce was beautiful! The cord was wrapped around her neck a few times and she was a little blue from such a long labor. Jonathan was able to deliver her and we were so THANKFUL she was safe and healthy! She fed great, while still attached to the cord, She looked so much like my Dad when I first saw her. The Peace of God filled our delivery room,  It was a supernatural peace that the Lord gave us, in our hearts in in our physical presence, in the room, with nurses, HE was WITH US! And Eden, "the Lord's delight" Everleigh "Giver of Life": Is the bearer of her name! I would do all 47 hours all over again for this precious little girl. Gratefulness fills my heart every day to be here mother and for the gift that she is. I am  sure I will recall details that I forgot, So if you made it this far, thanks for reading. My sister and my mom took super good care of my those few days after Eden was here! I tell my mom she needs to start a post-pardum service! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chi Alpha Baptisms

Here is a beautiful video of some of our students getting baptized that have given their hearts to Jesus this year. There were close to 30 students to publicly declared Jesus as the Lord of their life! It was a very significant night. Grateful for videos like this that captured the evening... as I was feeding a baby in the back of the crowd :)

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Our Sweet Girl

Oh.. This poor blog.... Not sure it's even worth trying to keep up on this thing. But I will give my self one last attempt. As many of you know, we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world on September 19th, 2012. She is 8 weeks old and we are over the moon in love! She is a really sweet, great baby, so needless to say we are very GRATEFUL for her and her precious life. After a 45 hour labor ( another blog post that would probably be to long), she has given me the blessing of being a sweetheart! I am loving being a mother to Eden. Jonathan is a great father, and of course are learning a lot together. Grateful for the Lord's hand, his wisdom and his Grace that covers us through exhaustion!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winter/Spring Update...

A few pictures some from last month in Colorado for a friends wedding. Another pic of sneaking away from some good Jesus time...and here is a picture of me and my Love...

Every time I keep thinking I need to update this thing, I keep putting it off. So those of you who still check this thing, thanks for checking in on us!

The Picture above is from our time in Colorado last month. We were able to be in Colorado for our friends Kelly & Jason's wedding. We had such a wonderful time celebrating such a great couple and being with our friends in CO! The Lord blessed us with SUPER cheap airfare, for those of you who care about a good deal, We both flew RT for $204- for BOTH of us. Ok, done bragging.

It is finally Spring here in San Antonio, the blooms are starting to come out. We have had a lots of rain and so grateful for some green trees and lawns here. I went on a run yesterday, there are trails near our house full of wildflowers, it was so beautiful!

There is sooo much to catch up on. Can't believe winter is almost over. We are in the fullness of Spring semester with College Ministry and loving it! We gear up for all of our Spring Missions Trips that take off on Saturday Morning. Jonathan and I hit Costco last night and got ready for the team we will be leading to Uvalde, TX. We will be working on a local community clean up project. More on that later! The Lord is really moving here in the hearts of young people and we LOVE being apart of it.

As most of you friends & facebookers know, I am pregnant! Almost 14 weeks! Starting to feel much better. The belly is starting to show some sings of there being a little babe :) Jonathan and I are thrilled to be dreaming of this new little life that will be with us in September!

Lots of Love to all of you, more to come!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wonderful Weekend.....


Shin + Yota

Jonathan had a wonderful weekend with family & friends. We spend some time with Jonathan's Family in Corpus and then shared a meal on Thursday evening with wonderful friends- The Doan's & Goolsby's and a group of us college ministers :) We had such a sweet time with them. Jonathan and I spend the afternoon in the kitchen cooking, which I loved doing together. Our dear friends Shin & Yota spend some time cooking for us and helping us decorate for Christmas. We are so grateful for the wonderful people in our lives when family is far away. The list could go on- and on for the abundance of blessing-What I am most grateful for is Jesus- just him, his presence, who he is, his realness, his presence and his deep friendship to us- So so grateful for Jesus.